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The Beauty of Emptiness…

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

What is the emptiness…..

You have to lose your mind to find the space created for the mind to be emptied to understand the contents of what love truly is…

Some mistake this emptiness or this place of abandon and mistake what it truly is.   Love is never without you.. yet you have no issue abandoning love in this moment.  The mind needs to take all the content to have a sum of experiences to make it something tragic, something painful, something it’s not!

Without knowing the pain you wouldn’t know the release of love inside of it.  It can come in tears, it can come in remembering, it can come as a feeling of familiarity that you have felt before.  Then it is like you go into yourself and still seek something more.

I can only share that without placing words here.  You have a expanding place inside that even in being as you are with all those past patterns, past traits, something in you still calls to you in the eve of everything that is inside of you.

You are inside of you… you are never not inside of you..  listening, imagining, thinking, you are doing these things.  Whether you are going through this, and feeling lost, realize you are no more lost than you are found..  You are inside of you… you are breathing, you are feeling… you are existing, You are inside of you… Can you feel it?

No one, to include you can change this.. You can look at this from a mountain top or a tunnel below the earth.. It will not make a difference whether you are in the dark or in the light.. You are…… inside of you….

The questions of what it means to occupy the same space if you are not happy, inside there is what is it, what you are unhappy with.  Is it true? Or is it a thought process that needs to have a vacation from the true place that you always are in inside?  You are inside of you there is no other truth to face.

How deep can you love someone?  Ever measured this on the word level?  Ever measured this on the level without the mind?  Shouldn’t it be that you are able to love deeper than you can imagine?  Realize that even more space needs to be created to love.

Conditional love is isolated and running out of space all the time… Unconditional love is not.. It will reach the far places within you, even places that become silent.. The silence is the present moment.. it is showing you how vast you are inside… You are inside you…

How do you share this? Some of the most magical moments have happened when you are in sync, and in the moment with everything and everyone around you.. You are not thinking about anything, you are not listening to something inside the mind,  You are inside of you.  No judgements, no regrets, no mind dominance, no time…

How possible is it to stop time when you are always losing it to the mind?

It is possible to stop time. You experience a lifetime in one moment.. one long continuous moment when you do.  You have to be inside you.. No longer see or hear a concept of time.  The eternal clock inside you can be stopped when you find this place.

Great patience comes from this.. as you no longer see it as patience, you see it as watching tiny miracles going on in every moment as you should. You are your own astronaut inside of you.  This is the time you stop, and how you use it goes with you…

My Lois told me something her grandfather used to say to her…  It was said for her to find love, and all this time she didn’t realize how true it was…  It’s only when time is forced that quality gets sacrificed… so if you are waiting for something.. or you are thinking about something that hasn’t found it’s way to you yet, are you sure you have placed yourself out of time to love?

The is something profound there… Impatience means you are losing the time to see the point of everything around you… Most of all what love truly is…

I can’t imagine how these words come to you, but I can tell you the truth of what it feels like on the inside of me to share with all of you, and how being able to express what I feel has released me into deeper places inside me that are silently empty with a new planet of love I have the ability to grow inside me.  It is in this moment… listening to the music that inspires me to write.. My heartbeat… can you hear it?  Is there ever a time you don’t hear your own?  What a reminder it is when you do…..

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