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The Beauty of Blue Tile in Bathroom Design

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Blue is a popular color for bathroom design because it is highly versatile. It takes on different meanings depending on the tone, such as light or dark. A dark blue is rich, elegant, sophisticated, and intelligent. Bright tones invoke feelings of cleanliness, dependability, and strength. Just like the qualities of the ocean. Light tones have an ethereal quality because they remind us of the sky. They can represent freedom, peace, and the infinity.

Andrea Smith at Dwell put together 12 Bathrooms With Blue Tile. The article has beautiful images and useful information about the interiors. These bathrooms demonstrate how to use the different qualities of the color in your tile design. Dark and light blue tile are combined to create a perfectly balanced interior. Light blue tiles are perfect for creating a tranquil and peaceful environment for relaxation. Tile with distinct shapes are good for invoking feelings of the ocean, such as tile with a fish scale pattern.

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