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The Beauty Blogger Award

By Bambileigh

Whip out the red carpet folks – I’ve arrived. *gracious queen like wave* I’ve been nominated by that funny ol’ woman that we all know and love at Confetti & Curves for ‘The Beauty Blogger Award’ – thanks again Karen! I wouldn’t say I’m a beauty blogger, but I’m also not one to turn my nose up at an award so…

The Rules

1) State the name of the blogger that nominated you.
2) Answer the questions you were given.
3) List 10 random facts about yourself.
4) Nominate 10 people whose blog is about beauty or fashion.
5) Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
6) Let the bloggers know that you nominated them.

My Questions

1) How many people have your told about your blog in real life?
Not many. I have my WordPress linked to my Facebook so even though I no longer use Facebook my posts still show up on there, so that’s how most people know about it.

2) How many foundations do you own?
I’m too lazy to get up and look so I’m gonna say six – if I’m wrong I’m only one or two out.

3) What’s your favorite eyeshadow color?
Natural Beauty from the Tartelette palette!

4) How much time do you spend doing your makeup on a daily basis?
I’d say about 20 minutes as an average.

5) What’s your favorite makeup brush?
The Stippling Brush from Real Techniques – no more streaky foundation!

6) When you go to a drugstore, what brand do you look for first?
Makeup Revolution is a real favorite of mine, although I do look at the majority of displays.

7) What was your first makeup item?
Like, ever? I think it was a clear mascara… or a lipgloss… something like that anyway!

8) Do you regularly or have ever self-tanned?
I don’t do it regularly anymore as I’m too lazy and get pissed when it settles into the hair follicles on my legs, but I used to be super into it. Now I’ve just accepted I’m the one with the pasty pins.

9) How do you feel about overdrawn lips?
Why would you make the effort?

10 ) Do you contour on a daily basis?
Hell no. I look weird if I add a little bronzer, so contour is a no no. I don’t even have a decent contouring shade in my collection!

The Facts

1) I’ve realised I like cats way more than I thought – my cats are at Mum’s and I miss them a lot!
2) I have one filling (and a possible cavity, but I never went back to find out…)
3) I have hyper mobility in my joints – mainly my knees
4) I’ve recently swapped shaving my legs for epilation
5) I have no bum. I mean, I have a bum it’s just super flat. It doesn’t stick out at all
6) I collect Me To You Bears
7) I’ve had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio since the Titanic days
8) The veins in my right forearm are really close to the skin and you can see them from a distance
9) I’ve eaten lunch in a toilet cubicle before
10) As if I just shared that last fact

The Nominees

Literally anyone and everyone reading this. I won’t nominate anyone specifically because I feel mean to the people I don’t nominate. And I feel even worse if someone leaves a really nice comment and I haven’t nominated them. So everyone’s nominated and can answer the questions that Karen asked! Yay!


Hopefully my award should arrive in the mail before this post goes live, so I should be able to post a super glam shot of me reading my acceptance speech in my designer gown holding the sleek award… however, should things go wrong I’ll just steal Karen’s banner instead ;)

The Beauty Blogger Award


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