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The Bathroom Sink That Fits in a Suitcase

By Jakemontgomery @LTDOnlineStores

Now you’ve heard of people finding stacks of money in a suitcase but a sink? How about a powder room to go? Giulio Gianturco heads his own design firm. His latest creation is this small yet functional Suitcase Sink.

The next time someone asks you “what’s in the box,” you can reply with an answer they’ve never heard before. The Hidden Suitcase is a feat of the imagination and a show of design finesse coupled with utilitarian applications. Makro is the company behind this edgy new concept.

Giulio Gianturco Suitcase Sink

Yes, I’ll Be Taking My Sink as a Carry On

The exterior of the Hidden Washbasin is made from thermo-treated wood and comes in a natural Hemlock finish. The suitcase itself has a contemporary aesthetic with a sleek, minimalist inspired construction.

The suitcase pops open with lifts to reveal a luxe mini-counterspace. Inside is a genuine Corian countertop complete with stainless steel fixtures. It’s literally a mini (strikethrough) micro-sized powder room in a suitcase. Makro has even included a small pull-out drawer on the face of the box as well.

Hidden Washbasin Sink by Makro

Key Features

  • Corian Countertop
  • Stainless Steel Faucet
  • Magnified Mirror
  • Lowered shelves for extra storage
  • Accessory light and plug


  • You’ll never have to wobble your way to the restroom while on a flight anymore.
  • You can wash your hands at any time if you’re a germaphobe.
  • You now have a portable washbasin for your girlfriend/wife when you go camping.
  • You’re now qualified as a secret agent.

Hidden Bathroom Sink Inside Suitcase

Plans for the Hidden Washbasin

The Hidden Washbasin is not yet in production but there are plans to have it on the market soon. There are electrical components that do function but it’s not yet known how water will be supplied. Possibly an internal water tank to keep you going throughout the day.

Giulio Gianturco Design Studio

Giulio Gianturco, the designer of the Hidden Suitcase.

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