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The Bangle That Jangled Sales: A Multichannel Approach to Customer Engagement

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
  • July 17, 2014
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The Bangle that Jangled Sales: A Multichannel Approach to Customer Engagement

Every retailer wants to hear cash registers jingle, yet few have adopted such inclusive means of connecting with their customers and community as Alex and Ani. The jewelry brand that positions itself around the concept of positive energy must be applying some of that vibe to its integrated marketing programming, because it’s leading a charmed life, as Chief Marketer documented in a recent article.

The first retail Alex and Ani store opened in 2009.By 2011, Alex and Ani appeared on the Inc. 500 List, ranking number 16 on its retail sector list. Just two years later, Alex and Ani was on pace to sell more than $200 million in merchandise. The brand started with five cocktail rings and eventually expanded into a full line of jewelry, anchored by its signature expandable wire bangle. As iconic as this bangle is, the real driver behind Alex and Ani is its ethos to live consciously, turning a lifestyle brand into a way of life. For example, the company collaborates with numerous charities, as well as all branches of the military.

All that Glitters Is Marketing Gold

“Leave no stone unturned” could be the mantra for Alex and Ani’s integrated marketing program. That’s to ensure they are cutting a wide path to attract, engage and nurture customers. One of the secrets to Alex and Ani’s bangle-banging success is its adoption of technology and eagerness to try new marketing approaches. Here is a rundown of some examples:

Mobile marketing — Alex and Ani deployed iBeacon mobile, an emerging micro-location technology that lets retailers push offers and information to customers with iBeacon-enabled mobile devices as they approach or enter a store. Among fashion retailers, Alex and Ani was the first to implement iBeacon technology, the article reports.

Social media — There are nine, count ‘em nine, social media buttons on the Alex and Ani home page.

Email marketing — The retailer courts an army of 1.4 million fashionistas who subscribe to its email updates.

Mass media — Did you catch the Alex and Ani 2014 Super Bowl spot? Video ad-rating technology firm, BrandAds, rated it number eight among the 56 brands that aired during the big game. Social media firm Nestivity, also voted Alex and Ani as “most active and engaged brand” and “top brand tweeter” during the pigskin contest.

Branding — Alex and Ani never deviate from its brand culture, based on four cornerstones. All products are made in America. The company maintains a year-round commitment to charity. They personalize engagements with customers, and its operations are eco-friendly.

Make Their Bling Your Own

Although small businesses won’t have Alex and Ani’s budget, the lesson of embracing multiple channels applies. Go where your customers are if you want to reach them. Alex and Ani could have been content with success among a few marketing channels. Instead, their marketers expanded the mix to combine traditional (email) and leading-edge (iBeacon) outlets. And they continue to evolve this strategy with the emergence of new marketing opportunities.

Which brings up another lesson for small businesses: Don’t be afraid to try something new. As Alex and Ani is testing iBeacon, you can test a Facebook advertising campaign or partner up with a charity or hold an event. True, you’ll have to dip into your marketing budget for these ideas, but you might be rewarded with new customers or sales for your risk-taking.

Finally, stay on message. Alex and Ani runs its business on the four cornerstones that define its brand. What defines your brand? If you don’t know, you might get some inspiration by reading, “Brand Marketing Lessons from the Range.”

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