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The Balcony is “Spring-i-fied”!

By Lindsay James @leavelindzalone

A few weekends ago while I was out for a fantastic birthday lunch with my Grandma, Jay did something pretty great. It was a beautiful warm and sunny day, and he “spring-i-fied” the balcony!

He brought our balcony furniture out of storage and onto the balcony, and he organized all of my gardening pots and supplies on my stand as they were all tucked away for the winter. It was such a great surprise to come home to and it looked (looks) pretty awesome. We even got to enjoy it for a little while before it started to get chilly again.



A handsome fella :)


It’s not completely finished, but that will have to wait for the weather to be more friendly to the seeds i intend to plant for the garden this year.

So far, all of the days that have been warm enough to enjoy some time on the balcony haven’t been days when I get to take advantage. I always seem to be at work. I hope we start having some warm balcony-worthy weekends very soon.

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