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The Art of Walking

Posted on the 29 May 2014 by Yamini
I walk
listening to the rhythm of my footsteps
I walk
as my mind talks
About the fear engulfing the world
I see hope
in the fact that it can still talk
One day the talk will become a shrill cry
against all the injustices
I walk
as I look at the world that is not mine
of hunger and pain
In all that is bleak
there is still so much life
I tell myself
with each step I take
we are moving towards
a future
where the sun shines bright
I walk the road
as I look at the world that is not mine
Of love and hatred
and I walk
I walk
as I cross the puddles of mud
I walk
as I cross the fallen branches of the tree
I walk through the landscapes
I walk through time
I walk
like a ghost who walks
touched by all that she sees
yet untouched by them
As they pass through her
splitting her into pieces
and she pieces herself together
as she walks
I walk
for it gives me hope
I walk
for it clears the clouds
I walk
instead of painting
I walk
instead of writing
I walk
instead of crying
I walk
to exercise my soul
I walk
for the sake of the world
I walk
for the sake of walking

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