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Massacre of Butterflies

Posted on the 14 November 2015 by Yamini
I see them all across the street
Some in blue
Some in yellow white and red
A few others in the shade of lavender
All the colorful corpses strewn across the street
They had to be broken
For they continued to be colorful
Inspite of the diktat that turned the world black
Their courage had to be quelled lest it inspired others
Now the world was as they wanted
Uniform dense black
But the corpses of the butterflies continued to be colorful
Should they all be charred, then they'd be black?
But the flame would be colorful
They charred them anyway
Now it is all black they thought. Finally.
Only to see a few more butterflies flap their wings
Where are they coming from?
They searched every nook and corner
Not realizing they would never be gone
Not atleast until the blackening was on
For they were children of their fear..

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