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The Apps I Can’t Live Without!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

I’m coming to you live from my sofa to tell you all about my secret obsessions that help me get through the day. Every day.

Apps are the coolest things EVER and I’m going to unlock my iPhone for the next 3.5 minutes to let the entire world, or the 10 readers that I have see exactly what Apps rule my life.


You’re not dreaming…… the Slurpee Dance is identical to the App Dance. I’m not that inventive at spur of the moment jigs.

Let me state, these apps are in no particular order and will only appear on this list if they are 114% awesome according to Maren!

Social Networking Apps

photo (4)

For Facebook and Twitter I’m all about the basic apps. I used Hootsuit and Tweetdeck but in the end I came back to the originals.

My Favorites!!!!!

photo (3)
Photo 360

It let’s you take a picture a day, every day and keeps them on a calendar. It’s so much fun to scroll through and see the entire month just in pictures. I always laugh… a lot! And I end up remembering some really random stuff that definitely happened and I must admit to it because there is proof.


This app is the reason I never get anything done at work. I “check in on the penguins” literally every 9 minutes. They are the most active in the mornings and right after lunch. You can even check in on them at night and see them sleep. Can you say… “Free Therapy”?!


Okay, how can paying with your phone not be the coolest thing ever?! Plus by registering a Starbucks Card on their website you get free soymilk, drink on your birthday, and extra perks. But honestly… paying from your phone. There is nothing sweeter!


This is the best ToDo app. It’s simple and has really quick entry so adding quick little reminders is no problem. I use it to schedule my workouts and babysitting gigs. All the stuff I don’t really want cluttering up my calendar. I like how you can make separate lists but they get merged by due date for alerts.

Nike Training Club

Just do it! This is the best iPhone workout tool. There are three levels so everyone can do it, and it has focuses like for toning, cardio, and strength. The exercises use little to no equipment, all I use is a medicine ball and 5 pound free weights. This app is legit and get’s the job done!!!

P Tracker

Okay, if any men are reading this post… skip to the next app! Ladies, you want this womanly-time app. It’s so helpful because it tells you exactly the date your magic will start and stop (I’m amazed at how accurate it is) and when you go to the doc’s and they want to know the first day of your last magical time you know. I always feel like an idiot when I’m like uhhhhh…….

Sleep Cycle

This app is amazing. I can’t figure out how it works. You lay it face down on the top of your bed while sleeping and it wakes you up within a window of time you set when you’re at your lightest level of sleep. The best part is that it makes a graph for each night you sleep and you can see when you were in deep sleep, light sleep and awake.

Text Twist

I’m not about Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Doodle Jump, or that new mouse one with the mouse and the cheese. But I am about Text Twist and have been known to squeal and jump around while racing the clock. I don’t play this at restaurants while waiting for my food or while people talk to me on road trips and I seem like I’m listening intently….

The Must Have!!!!


This app runs in the background and sends the gps location of your device to a server that can be accessed via computer. It’s great for a lost or stolen device. It isn’t accurate enough to tell exactly what room the iPhone is in but it will reassure that it’s at home versus the office or movie theater. After a friend’s iPhone was stolen I downloaded this app… what a sigh of relief.

There you have it. My iPhone all unlocked and uncensored!

Tell me about you!!!! I want to know……..

What are your favorite apps?

What is the #1 app?

My ultimate favorite is probably the penguins… what can I say, I just love ‘em.

Do you possibly name your phone and call out for it when it’s not by your side?

No….. definitely not….. can you say weird?!

It’s name is Hermon.

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