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The Adjustment Bureau

Posted on the 26 January 2012 by Raghavmodi @raghavmodi
The Adjustment Bureau

I feel like giving a standing ovation to the people behind The Adjustment Bureau. The writer(s) for coming up with a story that actually very skillfully disguises a "chick flick" as a film that is borderline sci-fi. The makers for keeping just the right balance between the lovey-dovey stuff and the mystery making sure that both the sexes are equally satisfied.

(Note: I know I am generalizing the genres with the sexes, that is not my intent, but just a tool to better explain the film in a somewhat lighter/comical manner)
The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau is about David Norris (Matt Damon) who meets Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) just when he has lost a senate seat and has one of those love-at-first-sight experiences. Unfortunately, soon afterwards he finds out about a certain mysterious organization that is in a way responsible for making sure the world functions properly, to put it mildly. According to this organization, he is never to meet Elise again. The remainder of the story is over a period of time (sometimes jumping 3 years in one go) wherein David discovers more about these mysterious men and realizes that he will leave no stone unturned (talk about using a clichéd phrase) to be with Elise.  

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt perform as professional actors are expected to. There are no real scene stealers, but there are also no negatives when it comes to acting. Both the primary actors look good together and probably for the first time I really enjoyed Emily Blunt's performance (I haven't seen very many of her movies).
The Adjustment Bureau

The film as a whole keeps just the right pace. It doesn't turn into a race-against-the-time thriller nor does it get entangled too much in the romantic side and slows down. The only disappointing aspect, for me, was the fact that the action scenes (and action is mostly running around not fighting) are somewhat at par with the remainder of the film. On one end, these scenes fit in well, but on the other, the action is more fun when it is slightly super-charged.

The Adjustment Bureau is a nice little watch than can even pass by as a date movie, one where neither of the members will have reason to complain afterwards. Although, it doesn't exceed expectations, it does manage to hold its ground firmly making watching it a pleasant experience.  
3.5/5 Star Rating

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