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The A Blog - Sleep

By Theablogger @TheABlogger
The A Blog - Sleep
Sleep. One of the greatest thing. We all have days when we look forward to it. We all have days when we wanna do it so the next day will come sooner. I seem to be sleeping less and less especially at night. I go to a party which goes on longer than i expected. Well all night for that fact, so when i got in in the morning i went straight to bed and then ended up waking up at night time and so began this vicious circle i am now caught in. Does anyone know how to put this right? My technique is just go with the flow. Seems to be working. This way i get stuff done in peace and quiet. In fact now i think about it im nocturnal! Im awesome even at night! Life is good. In the words of our great Jon Bon Jovi 'Ill sleep when im dead'
Night Night All!........maybe not.

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