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The 5 Top Ways to Know When to Change Your Outdated Wall Decor

By Lisajolan @lisajolan

You pride yourself in your home’s wall decor. However, you might not realize when it becomes stale or outdated. It is often said that old things will eventually become new again, but don’t wait that long to freshen up the walls!
Sure, you probably still get tears in your eyes and smile when you think about how your son scribbled on the walls when he was only a baby, but keep the memories of those treasured moments and get rid of the outdated wall decor instead.  This might seem difficult to do, but the following tips can help.
The 5 Top Ways to Know When to Change Your Outdated Wall Decor
5 Ways to Tell that it’s Time to Let the Old Wall Decor Go
1.You held a Home Interiors party 2 years ago.  One of the wreaths from that party is now so thick with dust that it looks like you have made the choice to celebrate Christmas year round by decorating with snow covered wreaths.  Of course, your family and friends are not saying much about your decision.
2. Remember your son, the budding artist of the family?  Well, he has moved on to college, but samples of his artistic talent continue to linger on your living room walls, in crayon. Your friends continue to look the other way and have never acknowledged your son’s artistic abilities.
3.You got your roof repaired a few years ago, but you still have a water stain on the wall that reminds you of Napoleon.  Because of the size,you can’t help but notice it.  To be quite honest, it has become such an influence in your life that you are actually thinking about taking French cooking lessons.
4.  For some reason you still have a 1989 Holly Hobby border going around the top of your laundry room. C’mon! Really?
5. You have a picture hanging in your foyer from a family reunion that was held twenty years ago.  You were only a child then and do not know half of the people in this photo. It creeps out your children. Even your big and strong husband will not look directly at it.  Maybe it’s time to put
your relatives back into the closet, where they belong.
The 5 Top Ways to Know When to Change Your Outdated Wall Decor
So, when you finally see the light and get rid of that old cruddy wall decor, update and refresh your rooms with functional, trendy and affordable wall murals. Your family and friends will thank you!

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