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By Lisajolan @lisajolan
Simply painting or papering the walls and filling a house with furniture does not turn it into a home. At the risk of sounding slightly soppy what does create a home is that indefinable something: love. Caring about the home and the way the furniture and fixtures work together means that you will take those few extra moments to make it work by adding small touches that round off a room and complete a theme. Below are some of the areas where a small adjustment can make an enormous difference to both the comfort and the appearance of a room.
Light up Your Life:
The lighting in any room is paramount. It has been said before that one bright bulb hanging in the center of a room can create a very harsh pool of light and cast dark shadows into the corners – a very surreal stage-set look, which is not conducive to gracious living! Spread light sources throughout a room, using table lamps and standing floor lamps, concealed up- or down-lighters and soft overhead bulbs. Visit Lights World to see a wide range of lamps. Not only does this spread a diffuse light throughout the home, but you can 'layer' your lights, having them all on for a party or get-together, but only one or two on when watching TV or having a movie night.
Inspired Interiors
Set the Scene:
Create small groupings of items, or little displays of items that work well together. These small clusters of eye-pleasing objects are called vignettes and they can go a long way to giving a room an air of polish. An example of a vignette would be to have an occasional table against the wall, a beautiful picture hanging near it, and a small grouping of ornaments, objects trouve and perhaps a framed photo, all capturing the essence of the theme, be it seaside (marine painting, a scattering of polished shells and a photo of the children playing on the beach) or summertime (a summertime print or postcard, leaning against a straw-covered wine bottle.) Be sure to introduce elements of the main theme of the décor into the vignettes to make sure that all the small clusters add up into an overall unit.
Inspired Interiors
Colour Ways:
Often we choose plain or neutral tones for large items of furniture and carpets, and this is absolutely acceptable and even sensible. However, it can mean that a room can look a bit like porridge – dull and greyish brown! Lift the mood of the room by adding in some small but lavish splashes of color. Crimson silk and navy brocade cushions can transform an oatmeal or beige sofa into something splendid and elegant. Metallic flashes also add greatly to the texture and depth of a room and can take the form of a practical clock, extravagant curtains or cushions or frivolous and whimsical ornaments.
Inspired Interiors
Bring in a Bit of Nature:
Well-tended pot plants look wonderful, especially set in a corner or forming part of a vignette. Choose large plants with only a few broad leaves to avoid a cluttered appearance and for ease of maintenance – those broad leaves just need a quick wipe every now and then to return them to polished glory. Fussier plants with a multitude of small leaves can also look great, but will require more work as the leaves fall off and twigs and branches grow unevenly, while ferns always look great and last very well.
Inspired Interiors
See the Big Picture First:
Plan your décor before you start. Draw scale diagrams of the room and plan out color themes, vignettes, all the furniture you will need and decide between paint and wallpaper. If the latter, spend some time looking at the various ranges of offer as wallpaper can come in an amazing variety these days! Look online at furniture sites to get ideas of what is available and how well it will fit in with your rough diagram, choosing all the furniture items before you buy. Shop4furniture has an excellent range, sure to have furniture to please everyone's tastes. Once you know the effect you want to achieve you are more likely to buy only what you need and you will be very happy with the effect it all creates when put together.
Inspired InteriorsThese hints and ideas will help you to put your home together in a way that is sure to satisfy the whole family. It will make all the hard work, and investment of time and money, seem worthwhile when your family and friends express their admiration for your decorating skills!

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