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The 2015 Mobile Marketing Trend Report

Posted on the 20 January 2015 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
  • January 20, 2015
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The 2015 Mobile Marketing Trend Report

Americans are spending most of their digital media time on mobile devices, surpassing U.S. desktop use and catching up with the rest of the world. That said, digital media strategies are ripe for change.

Ash Kumar, co-founder and CEO of TapSense, an independent mobile advertising exchange, has developed some projections for 2015, which he shared with MarketingProfs. Which of these trends will make the cut as part of your integrated marketing plan this year?

  • Wearable technology, including the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear, will reach beyond technology and fitness, poising itself for a breakout year. “In 2015, the wearable trend has the potential to redefine and reignite the entire mobile ecosystem,” he said.
  • Mobile advertising acquisitions should increase. The market ballooned in 2014 with Facebook reporting 62-percent second quarter revenue from mobile ads, and global mobile ad spending increasing 75 percent to almost $32 billion. “Expect acquisitions to accelerate,” Kumar said. “It’s the only viable way for most major players to enter the [real-time bidding] market.”
  • Spending on location-targeted ads could grow from $4.9 billion in 2014 to more than $15 billion by 2018, according to media research agency BIA/Kelsey. “If consumer adoption of wearables is as strong as we predict,” Kumar said, “location-based mobile advertising could account for 25 percent of all mobile ad buys in 2015.”
  • Mobile video advertising could kick up to at least 50 percent due to an abundance of smartphones and faster cellular/Wi-Fi connections. Video is a key part of what mobile consumers seeks — with 73 percent saying they were more likely to make a purchase if they can first watch an introductory video — and where consumer attention goes, advertisers need to follow.
  • App usage will be off the map, claiming more than 65 percent of digital media consumption. This is partly due to the increasing dominance of digital media on mobile apps, which surpassed 2014 desktop consumption.

Kumar expects 2015 to be an exciting time in mobile advertising. To dive deeper into the trends, Kumar’s eBook, “A Complete Guide to Mobile Advertising 2015,” is available free.

How will you translate these predictions into an exciting time for your company?

Here are three ideas:

Wearable technology. “The B2B CMO should push creative and customized use of wearables for employees, deploying them to provide a competitive advantage behind the scenes by driving innovation in HR, operations and even R&D,” said technology reporter Cadie Thompson. For example, an employee of a delivery service could locate packages more quickly and efficiently using a smart watch or glasses.

Spending on location-targeted ads. Just as important as knowing your audience is letting them know where they can access your product. We covered this topic previously in “Five Tips for Enhancing Mobile Engagement.”

Mobile video. If you haven’t produced a mobile-friendly video to sell your product or service, stop whatever you’re doing right now and create an “explainer video.” You’ll need a great script to produce an explainer video worth sharing. Start with our post, “Seven Steps to Stronger Video Scripts.”

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