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The 2012 Checklist: Make 2012 The Best Year Ever!

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

The 2012 Checklist: Make 2012 The Best Year Ever!As I blogged about before, 2011 has been a good year in terms  of me doing the things that make me happy and the experiences that I have learned from. Now I’m going to share a simple check list with you that will help you get things started in 2012. Some of the items on the checklist are super simple and some may not be easy but think of how proud you will be when you scratch these items off  the list and the great sense of accomplishment you will gain knowing that you stuck to the items on the list. So here’s my list and what I hope to accomplish and each time I accomplish something I will be sure to write a post about it.

Leave the Past behind-Leave the things that happened in 2011 out of 2012

Moving on from past hurt can be the hardest thing in the world to do. Whether it’s from a failed relationship, some type of family issue, or even a friendship that went wrong. Sometimes it’s easier to be mad and blame others than to deal with what you may have contributed to the problem and move on. Forgive people and acknowledge what ever mistakes you made and let it go. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you’re ready to be buddy buddy pal pal and that things can go back to the way it was before. Forgiveness is releasing any ill will or resentment that you have and wishing the other the best of luck with their future endeavors. As the saying goes you’re suppose to forgive and forget but let’s be realistic here, do we ever really truly forget? Forgiveness doesn’t benefit the other person, it benefits you.

Learn Something New

I would love to take a cooking class and a private investigation class, as if I wasn’t already well equipped to be one, but I would love to learn the theory behind investigation and who knows I might just be a private eye one day it would definitely be exciting. So this year I challenge you to learn something new, something that interest you and something that doesn’t apply to your everyday 9-5. Learn a new hobby, it doesn’t matter what it is or what anyone thinks about it. Learn something different and be proud of the fact that you took the intiative to do something.

Do Something That Scares You

I had to dig deep for this one but I realized that for 36 years my family has always been in close proximity to me. They have always been my safety net and when all else fails I know they got my back. I have never experienced what it would be like to live any place other than Chicago. So in 2012 I plan to release the safety net and relocate. Even if it doesn’t work out, I know that I will always have a home in the Windy City. So for 2012 do something you’re afraid to do, ride the tallest roller coaster, go snorkeling, start that business you were afraid to start, and even take a chance at love, walk fearlessly in your stillettos and remove the power of fear. Fear is a powerful emotion, it can and will consume your life if you let it.

Grow and Learn from anything you can

Life is a learning experience from the day we’re born until the day we die. Learn from your mistakes, grow from each experience, and use that to make you better as a person. Process your thoughts effectively, eliminate stress, and allow yourself an outlet. Pick a day and do something that makes you happy whether it’s quiet time with a good book or a day shopping with the girls…bottom line do something. Learn from your friends, family, reading, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Let someone know you’re proud of them

Sometimes it’s hard to give a compliment, and I know it can be even harder when things seem to go so wrong for you but so right for others. Take comfort in the fact that everyone has problems whether you know it or not and we all struggle with something . Everyone needs encouragement from time to time and something as simple as “you can do it”  or “I’m proud of you” can sometimes make all the difference in the world. Be supportive and motivate others this year, because you never know when someone may have to encourage you.

Ditch a Bad Habit

We all got a few habits that we need to let go of, choose one bad habit and work on getting rid of it. In 2011 I ditched biting my nails and I started drinking more water and eating slightly better. I’m proud of myself for sticking to it and now these habits are a thing of the past. I have other bad habits that I need to work on and I look forward to ditching another one this year. So this year challenge yourself to ditch a bad habit. Maybe you want to drink less or maybe you have a habit of putting others needs before your own. Whatever it is pick one and ditch it! It’s not easy to break a habit but once you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

Avoid People Who Weigh You Down

Unfortunately, we all know someone who holds us back, they keep us from being ourselves, and add no real value to our life.  The people in your life should fit like your most comfortable pair of stillettos. You don’t have to struggle or force them to fit. They naturally fit you perfectly and provide you with comfort while you strut your stuff. Even if you don’t wear them for awhile, you can always go to your closet and know that those shoes will be there for your comfort. What happens to shoes that hurt your feet? They either sit in the closet or you simply give them away and forget about them. When dealing with others it’s important to remember that anyone who wants to be apart of your life will fit into it quite perfectly with no fuss.

Do Something Nice for Someone

We live in a I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine world. Some people will only do something nice if it benefits them in some type of way. This year do something nice without expecting anything in return. This past year I learned that it really does pay off to do something good for someone. I dare you to try it!

See Something Amazing

I’m not saying that you have to hop the first flight out to Egypt to see the pyramids but this year make it a point to see something beautiful and amazing. I’m a huge fan of nature and scenic views. This year I plan to once again see something I have never seen before, I’m not quite sure what it is yet but I will keep you posted. You don’t have to travel outside of the United States to see something amazing, go see the Grand Canyon, Go to a National Park, Go to the Smoky Mountains, and go see the Golden Gate Bridge. Find someplace you think you would want to see and GO!

Did I forget something? If you have a to do list for 2012, please share what you wish to accomplish!


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