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The 180 Posts That Ate Kentucky! @[email protected]

By Sbc12 @strongbychoice


Wowee, wow, wow…Yesterday marked 180 posts!

Correction: I’m actually at 182 as of this post. I blame my delirium on the two pieces of cheesecake I ate tonight.

This calls for a dramatic chipmunk stare!

Seriously, I would have NEVER thought that anyone would want to read my drivel.  I mean, who would want to read my hot mess, y’know.

Totally by God’s grace (He really has a sense of humor), Rise and Transform Blog has 63 followers now (I know because I counted them with my toes even).

This celebration is for you…the dear reader who enjoys watching a man set himself on fire here in my wittle blog-sphere and bring the marshmallows to partake in the fire.

No wait.  That didn’t come out right at all. LOL

On a serious note though, I appreciate you and thank you who still read my humble blog.  You could read thousands of others yet you chose to stay.  For this, I am very thankful.

Now, the big question is…will you be around for post 200?


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