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That's Three, Count 'Em, THREE 30 Day Blocks

By Zenparenting1 @ZenParenting1
After seemingly flying under the radar for five whole weeks (quite a good record for me!), I've landed in Facebook jail...again. My recidivism rate is out of control, I tell ya. I'm now on my third, yep, third 30 day block.
The best part is, I violated not a single, solitary policy. Not a one. I posted this:That's Three, Count 'Em, THREE 30 Day Blocks
According to Facebook, as long as nipple is not shown, there is no violation of policy. That's why breastfeeding photos, as long as babe is engaged in eating, are supposedly acceptable (though we all know how often FB follows their own policy on that...). And as a result of me violating no policy at all, except for the unwritten one that says, "Thou shall not insult the delicate sensibilities of the misogynist, chauvinist, anti-child Peter Pans at Facebook nor those who troll your page," I have been blocked for the third month of my 12 month run Facebook. That's 1/4 of my time here.That's Three, Count 'Em, THREE 30 Day Blocks
Nobody will be taking care of the page, while I'm blocked. No other admins are available to attend to anyone's needs. Me being blocked means you've been blocked, too. This should offend you. This should offend you, because it could be you. Take a gander at all the porn pages on Facebook. They're out and proud in droves. Why is that, I wonder... You should wonder, too, because next time it could be you. This block affects everyone who attempts to normalize breastfeeding, educate about circumcision, open the eyes of those who keep them so firmly closed. And since you're here, I know that's you. You are me. And we're being systematically beaten down. So, the question is: what are we going to do about it?

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