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Thanks, America – Four Years Of The Apprentice On Every Cable News Channel!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Anyone who has read this site from this inception knows that we were once fans of Donald Trump’s reality show, the Celebrity Apprentice.

Then we stopped talking about it. Because it jumped the shark. Literally – the last season we started watching starred at least two cast members of Sharknado – Vivica A. Fox and Ian Ziering!

We never watched past the first episode of that Ian Ziering season. Unfortunately, despite changing the channel, Donald J. Trump has spent the past year and a half on our TVs.  And now will spend four more.

Since the Celebrity Apprentice boss will be running the country, here are:

3 Celebrity Apprentice tasks we’d like to see while President-Elect Trump is in office…

  1. Mexico will pay for a border wall with as many lemonade stands on the other side of the wall as it takes. Just remember, the wall will not work because Kool-Aid Man is located on the U.S. side. Kool-Aid Man doesn’t care much for lemonade competing with Kool-Aid, and he will bust through that wall, as he did in 1980s commercials. Luckily, Kool-Aid man can sell his product in Mexico due to NAFTA.
  2. The Trump family can phone everyone in their contact lists – just like they forced D-list celebrities to do on many tasks – to pay for everyone’s health care.
  3. President-Elect Trump will raise employment by bringing back people who already have been fired for the final tasks of building the above wall and raising money for hospitals. We’re certain Ian Ziering is, as always, looking for work.

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