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Thaden T-1 Argonaut

By Htam

2017_HTAM1281_XE2S_AuroraHDR2018.jpg@ San Carlos, CA

December 2017

Having been a volunteer at the Hiller Aviation Museum since 1998, I’ve been very accustomed to seeing this exhibit hanging in the atrium.  The Thaden T-1 Argonaut was a 1920s American eight-seat all-metal cabin monoplane, built by the Thaden Metal Aircraft Company of San Francisco, California.  Only one example was built (X3902), marking its first flight on 15 January 1928, and its final flight ended in a crash in Alaska in 1933.  In 1986, the wrecked fuselage was recovered and eventually displayed at the museum. As was common at the time, the aluminum skin was corrugated for added structural stiffness, although the resulting drag reduced its overall performance. Fuji X-E2s w/18-55mm.

Thaden T-1 Argonaut

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