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By Bethschreibmangehring

"For many years, I have been gifted with Beth Gehring's lifestyle

practices.  She has a "sixth sense" for recognizing and addressing the

heart of people's desires.  Beth's awareness conveys well; be it in

person, by phone or through writing, to facilitate one's own discovery

and insights.  Being on the receiving end of Beth's unique sense of

style presents an invaluable tool I continue to apply to my own life.

I have personally had the privilege of living in a time and place

where I frequented "Schreibman Jewelers East, Inc." .  Beth was always

available to meet my shopping challenges from intimate gifts to

overseeing my own bridal registry.

Some of my fondest memories were exchanged  

over spiced cider and English Trifle under the distinctive Waterford

chandelier in the window of the store's china room.  Beth worked with

me to achieve a 3-dimensional lifestyle that I could live with, as

opposed to simply a "look".  The memories of the store and the warm

sense of family within exemplifies an era that  Beth creatively carries with

her to share with you."


Bethane M. Evans


"Dear Beth,
This email is long overdue.  I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my thanks for locating the hand pounded, Alan Adler silverware that I had been searching for the previous 5+ years.  As you may recall my mother had purchased six 4 piece settings of this silver back in the 1950’s.  She had pieced together the place settings by acquiring one piece (e.g. a fork) at a time as her income allowed.  It had taken her 4 years to accumulate the 24 pieces that made up the 6 place settings.  When she could finally afford to she was unable to add to the set as they stopped being made in the 1960’s..
When you and Jim were at our home last summer my wife, Freida, showed you the silverware (Mom had given them to us a year earlier) and shared with you her never ending hunt for more pieces.  She went on to tell you the variety of resources she had turned to throughout the country in a failed effort to find more place settings.
The following day I came into my office and found an email from you detailing a matching set that you had somehow managed to locate. You asked if I had an interest and of course I jumped on it, absolutely thrilled that you had somehow found them.  Once you’d determined I was seriously interested you went on to present me with several other sets made up of different pieces.  I couldn’t believe what you were unearthing purely because of your kindness and a lifetime of experience in the industry.
Ultimately I purchased 12 additional 8 piece place settings from a collector in New York that you somehow found.  Accompanying the place settings were an additional 56 pieces including serving utensils that I couldn’t have imagined.  It was an overwhelming accumulation of pieces that I was able to purchase at less than 30% of the independent appraisal that I subsequently had done (for insurance purposes).  It was quite literally the “find of a lifetime”.
When I gave them to my wife as an anniversary gift she was so moved that tears flowed.  I cannot begin to tell you the pleasure we get from the set each and every time they are used.  I’m embarrassed that it has taken me so long to write this letter to you but I wanted to make certain you knew what your efforts meant to our household – thank you just doesn’t seem enough, but it’s all I can offer…THANK YOU!
All my best to you and your family,"
Steve Wolff


"A Unique Retail Environment!"

"My last visit to Schreibman’s was in December 1999. The day went as follows:  
My husband, Greg, and I traveled to Cleveland from Columbus to meet with a neurologist.  Greg is partially paralyzed and we were meeting with a doctor.The appointment was scheduled in the late afternoon and we had gotten a later start than desired.  It was a gray and snowy day, bleak and dreary.  
The appointment went as well as could be expected - a knowledgeable, personable physician who gave an unbiased view of Greg’s condition and future possibilities, which wasn’t exceptionally rosy nor was it gloom and doom. We were tired and a bit stressed after the events of the afternoon, but were determined to go to Schreibman’s to see Beth and Jim Gehring regardless of my in-laws.  
Walking into Schreibman’s that cold December evening was like coming home to a warm and cozy family kitchen.  It was warm and cozy and inviting.  People were coming and going, both customers and staff alike.  On the floor, within the circle of the first set of display cases, lay a pile of beautifully wrapped packages with white bows and neat, cream gift cards.  Holiday music was playing softly in the background.  Everyone was busy, but happy and pleasant.  Many customers were greeted by name and asked about their families, but everyone was greeted by a friendly individual who offered assistance. The kitchen description seems apt - it was like watching a special meal being lovingly prepared by a family for other family members.  
Alex answered a ringing telephone and when unable to answer the question, asked his father for advice, who referred the question to Beth, who answered and the reply was relayed to the customer.  A rather typical situation, which was handled more like someone asking for the salt at the dinner table than for information during the hectic holiday season in a store packed with people.  I wanted to be of some assistance, to jump in and do something - - anything.  While shopping or browsing in other stores, I had never felt the desire to help.  Sometimes I had felt the need to help and been irritated by lack of staff or of knowledgeable assistance.   Feeling obliged to assist to complete a purchase and wanting to help out as a means to be part of the activity are two very different motivations.  
It was very, very busy, but no one was rude or snippy.  There were a few impatient shoppers, who were helped with courtesy despite the lack of such a sentiment being reciprocated. It was like being in a warm kitchen bustling with too many cooks, bumping into each other and smiling, but getting the meal prepared while giving cookies to grumbling children.  
This unique atmosphere is due to Schreibman’s owners and associates.  Being welcomed to their store was no different than being invited into their home.  We’ve all gone into stores where our purchasing power was assessed and found wanting by the sales staff.  I do not frequent such establishments unless forced by having no other recourse.  The quality of merchandise qualified Schreibman’s as an elite establishment, but the family and associates were never elitists.  
Not all gifts from Schreibman’s came wrapped with a pretty bow, the best gift was being valued and welcomed as a friend."
Barbara Fairbanks


"Lust, Envy, Revolution, Polo… with each experiment came a carefully crafted retort, “too cheap, cheap date, too Palm Springs.”  After two hours she settled on the perfect cologne, Jo Malone’s Black Vetyver Cafe.  If the world were in the Goldie Locks dimension it would be considered “just right”; not too strong, yet ever present, and certainly not ‘cheap date’.  Ultimately, I remember the shopping experience in the same way—just right.  Money was not spent for the sake of spending.  Everything had its place, like the individual scents that come together to make good cologne. 

I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time with Beth over the years, much of it in the confines of a unique boutique.  Thus, to call her my personal shopper is an understatement. The spark that has enabled us to stay close for all these years is her ability to relate; not to mention the fact that she always gives the perfect gift.  It is this trait that enables her to bring a fresh perspective with a familiar feel.  When she shops for me or with me it is not about what necessarily looks ‘good’ but what looks right for me.  The capacity to know and understand a person is what ultimately makes her such a successful personal shopper." 

Zachary Yerushalmi


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