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Terry Yonka Shared Nicole Marlar's Blog Post on Facebook

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

Terry Yonka shared Nicole Marlar's blog post on FacebookIt is sometimes inevitable. Everyone's running around like crazy trying to get themselves out of the weeds, while more and more people come in to the restaurant. There's so much to do that one of the most important parts of your job is put at the bottom of the Bar glasses pile up, dishes get placed in random, yet, convenient places. And the only thing on everyone's mind is getting through service.

In circumstances like these it's understandable, and as I stated above, inevitable. Unfortunately, this is always the case with a few sloppy co-workers all the time. Those of us who take pride in our job are always on their heels. Picking up, wiping up, and putting things away while mumbling under our breathes. Some of us say something to the culprit, but most just keep it to their mumbles or trusted co-workers.

Well my advice is: It's time to say something! There are ways to tell someone to start picking up after themselves without causing conflict. The best way to do it? Let them know what that messy bar or service station is saying about them, and, consequently, what it is saying about the whole restaurant. Or you could print off this post and anonymously put up for all to read. Restaurant employees are a team. And if one is doing a poor job, it makes us all look like we're doing a poor job. In addition to doing a poor job, here are some other things a messy bar or service station tells others.

1. You Don't Care About Your Job

If you don't care about your job, you should probably find another. When you care about your job, no matter what it is, you have to take care of it. As a server or bartender, taking care of your job includes not just making sure the customer is happy. It also includes taking care of your work station. Daily side duties should be kept up to help ease service. Extra cleaning during slow times keeps the restaurant looking great, minimizes filthy build up, keeps pests and bugs away, and helps pass the time. Most importantly, it shows the guests that all the employees care about their job and are professionals.

2. You Don't Care About Your Co-Workers

What a slap in the face. Who wants to be a part of a team who only cares about padding their own pockets? Yes, this is ultimately why we all go to work. But working as a team, providing phenomenal service, and taking care of the restaurant is what keeps the customers coming back. And if that's ruined, well then everyone's paychecks suffer. Being a slob in the work places ruins trust and respect amongst co-workers, and makes it so no one wants the slob to be a part of their team.

3. You're A Slacker and A Slob

Not only are you a slacker and a slob at work, I'd hate to see what your house looks like. There's nothing to be proud about when you are either. Enough said.

4. You Don't Care About Sanitation

Restaurants have closed because of poor sanitation. People have gotten sick from poor sanitation. These things happen because an employee fails to keep things clean, including themselves. Sanitation is one of the most important things a restaurant needs to pay attention to. If you can't handle that, or don't care about it, then again, you need to find a different job.

Professional servers and bartenders make more money than most nine to fivers. And taking care of the restaurant helps the restaurant take care of it's employees. So it's time to stop being lazy. It's time to stop holding your tongue about sloppy co-workers. And it's time to get out the cleaning supplies and show the world you love your job.

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