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Terry Jones Ideology Behind Innocence of Muslims

Posted on the 14 September 2012 by Azharnadeem

Terry Jones IdeologyNotorious Florida priest Terry Jones is behind anti-Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Earlier he pledged to burn the copies of Holy Quran to mark the 9/11 anniversary in 2010. The controversial movie generated seditions and provoked the murder of the American Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.

John Christopher Stevens lost his life when a group of charged protesters attacked U.S embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Christopher Stevens is the first sedentary U.S. ambassador to die in office since 1988. He is the 8th American Ambassador to be killed in the line of duty.

 According to initial reports, a group of triggered Libyan activists, who were allegedly aggravated by the film Innocence of Muslims, attacked the U.S. embassy in Libya. The staff was unable to locate the activists before being driven from the building under fire. In the “Innocence of Muslims”, Muslims’ holiest prophet Muhammad has been described as a thuggish womanizer.

 Amateur film producer Sam Bacile gave the picture of Muslims as homosexuals and madmen. Terry Jones protected the film and declared Islam a religion, which is entirely mismatched with Western civilization.

Terry Jones said that as the annoyed protesters move up the wall at the American embassy in Cairo and frayed out the U.S. flag and then tore it, their behavior showed the absence of veneration in Islam for the other religions. Claiming this Terry Jones just forgot that he himself has no responsibility towards other religions especially Islam. He is always at front when it comes to defaming Islam.

According to some reliable sources after protecting anti-Islam film, Terry Jones has received an advice from U.S. military to stop protecting the film.  Attack on U.S embassy in Libya has provoked outrage in American Administration.

Release of notorious film has annoyed Muslims around the world. Protesters are being held at every notable place and that that can turn violent any time. Adventure like “Innocence of Muslims” is creating nothing but making this universe an unsafe place for Americans.

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