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Tent Sex

By The Dating Diaries @The_DatingDiaries


So I am definitely not the girl that you look at and think yep she is super outdoorsy butttt I did go camping for the first time last week. Not only did I go camping but I went camping with Mr. Whitewater! I seriously had the best time who knew camping was so much fun. The best part though was the tent sex.

So we were all sitting around passing a bottle of Makers smoking hookah and talking, I was sitting between his knees and he was playing with my hair. At some point he reaches around and pulls me into his lap and whispers lets go to bed. He takes my hand and I follow him to our little tent. (Side note: it was kinda hot watching him be all mountain man like, setting up the tent using an ax to chop wood and then building a fire). We get in the tent and he starts kissing my neck. Thats about the point I busted out laughing because we could hear the people next to us having sex! They were not the least bit concerned with not being loud. This kinda ruined our mood not because we could hear them but because I wanted to go stop them from hooking up. Before you judge me and call me a cock block hear me out… the girl in the tent has a boyfriend that lives in Ireland. I know she is super into him but he was blackout drunk and lets be serious when you are that drunk and you want it well there isn’t much stopping you. Anyway Mr. Whitewater said to let them go that they were both adults and knew what they were doing, thats also about the time his hands slide into my shorts. Needless to say I forgot about the other couple pretty quick.

The thing about tent sex is there really isn’t much room so we had to a little creative lol. If any of y’all ever find yourselves in a went having sex the best position is girl on top. Oh yea and put a fan in the tent! So I’m on top of him and we are in this little tent and its raining out basically it was kinda like the movies but sluttier haha! The last time I looked at the clock that night it was 5:30am and that was between rounds one and two. Yea I got next to no sleep but it was so worth it. Also between the rounds we stepped out of the tent into the rain to cool off and yes it was cheesy but still kind of cute… He pulled me into his arms and kissed me really deeply in the pouring rain. Swoon haha. I’m not kidding sometimes I think this guy stepped right out of a movie with some of the things he says and does. So far everything with him is really good but Mr. Cali is still in the back of mind… I might have to vent about that here soon so I’m just going to say sorry now! Until next time..

Tent Sex

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