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I was having a conversation a couple weeks ago with a friend and somewhere in the course of the conversation I made a comment about how I feel like the first couple times I sleep with someone that I doubt it is very good because I’m nervous and I don’t want  to push the limits to far to fast but I also don’t want to be boring in bed. The conversation quickly turned into talking about what was considered to much and what we think freaks guys out.

I’ll be the first to admit that I probably like freakier stuff then most. I’m ok with having someones hands around my throat (not for long), with being tied up, told what to do, smacked/spanked, toys… I think you get the picture. But it take me a while to feel comfortable enough with a person to actually admit to any of that. Lets be serious guts claim they are ok with all that but I’d say 50% probably aren’t. I asked a couple of guy friends once about it and basically what I gathered was that yea its ok but sometimes it makes the guy feel like you want all of that because just normal sex with him isn’t good enough. I guess I kind of understand that.

I can’t speak for other girls but for me that isn’t the case or at least up until I have never needed that stuff in bed because normal sex was boring. Actually  now that I think about it when the normal sex is really good thats when I really want to try more of the Dom/Sub sex. There is something really freeing about being completely submissive to someone. Some of the best orgasms I have ever had are from being barely touched. It’s all about the trust, the trust that he won’t hurt you and trusting that he is going to make you feel amazing. Being blind folded, told to lay on your with your back legs spread and not to move, because if you move it all stops, and you have no idea when, where or how he is going to touch you…. I mean damn. All the anticipation builds up and the slightest touch in the right spot and bam you are done.

I hate not being in control when if comes to pretty much everything but in the bed with the right person giving up that control is amazing. I haven’t had Dom/Sub sex in a while unfortunately. The closest I came was about 6 months ago with Mr. Whitewater. I had hinted that I wanted him to put his hand on my throat while he was on top of me. He literally stops and looks at me and says, “Alex I’m about to become a licensed EMT I can’t not choke you!” My response, “perfect if something goes wrong you will know what to do!” He did n’t find that as funny as I did and it still took him a while to warm up to the idea and we were probably having sex at minimum twice a day at this point. We broke up before we could “try” anything else.


I personally see nothing wrong with some 50 Shades of Gray sex. What about you, what is your take on Dom/Sub?


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