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Ten Cool Beard Styles For 2016

By Ignitedpk
Ten Cool Beard Styles For 2016

10. Stubble (Medium)

Stubble (Medium) Beard is always easier to maintain,
it will help to get a rugged masculine look to you.A medium stubble can be anywhere between 3 to 5mm long.Shave your upper cheeks clean, it will make neatand deliberate look.
Ten Cool Beard Styles For 2016


Ductail Style beard is actually a very good creative modification of the full beard. The bottom portion of this style looks like tail of duck.

Simple and Efficient steps to grow Beards Faster and Thicker

Ten Cool Beard Styles For 20168. Imperial

It's actually a version of Handle bar Mustache combined with your sideburns or chin beards. In this style you have to keep your beard very simple to highlight the imperial mustache. It suites for Rectangular or Oblong FaceTen Cool Beard Styles For 2016

7. Extended Goatee

Extended Goatee is a combination of a goatee and a mustache, which is also known the Hollywoodian or the tailback. It suites square and oval face shape.

Ten Cool Beard Styles For 20166. Anchor

Anchor beard style resembles a nautical anchor,
that's why its called Anchor. There are no sideburnsfor this beard style, you have to extend your beard along jawline and make it look like a point. Then connect it to a pencil mustache.
Ten Cool Beard Styles For 2016

5. Verdi

Fascinating version of a full beard. It Should be no more than 10 cm long while measuring from bottom lip which is short and rounded at the bottom with a distinct mustache.[Image Source : Growbeardnow]Ten Cool Beard Styles For 2016

4. Balbo

Balbo is simply the IronMan look, yeah it becomes very famous Nowadays Since Robert Downey Jr has been maintaining Balbo Look For Iron Man and Avenger Series. It suites for man with narrow chin.

Ten Cool Beard Styles For 2016

3. Friendly Mutton Chops

Longer sideburns which are connected by a moustache, but no chin hair (which would make it a full beard).it suites circular or square face shapeTen Cool Beard Styles For 2016

2. Handlebar and Goatee

Ten Cool Beard Styles For 2016Beard worn on chin which looks like Goat's beard. With a Handlebar Mustache. It should have hair exactly below the lowerlip, which is to be the same size as the width of your mouth.

1. Bandholz

Beard style which changes life of a man and led him
to give up his job and built a company called Beardbrand.That Legend is Eric Bandholz, who popularized this beard style.
[Orginally Posted : RealMenRealStyle]

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