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10 Steps to Get Good Sleep

By Ignitedpk
10 Steps to Get Good Sleep

10. Try to avoid bright lights, use some dim lights or turn all lights off, it will help you to have a restful night of sleep.

9. Avoid watching Tv, phone chatting etc right before bed. Since it disrupts pineal gland function and sleep.

8. Take a warm bath one to two hours before bedtime.

7. If you are not asleep in 15 minutes after you lay down for sleep, just get up and read in dim light until you feel sleepy. Then get back to bed.

6. Stimulating drinks like black teas, coffee at late ngiht increase adrenaline and blocks sleep inducing chemicals in the brain. So avoid those

5. Try to avoid all noise by closing doors and windows, using fan or you can even use ear plugs.

4. Meditation is one of the better Step to get a good sleep, especially the simple breathing excercises  before bedtime will help you to sleep well.

10 Steps to Get Good Sleep

3. A Consistent sleep and wake up a schedule will do much better than all other steps.

2. Smokers spend less time in deep sleep compared to others, So try to avoid smoking especially before two to three hours before bedtime.

1. Play a light music in the background, studies says light music helps to sleep faster. Don't do excercise just close to bedtime

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