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Telling My Story - KEEP Collective

By Realgirlrunway @realgirlrunway
One of the things I've enjoyed the most about blogging is meeting fantastic people that I most likely would have never met. Some of these great people I've only met via internet and phone, due to geography. Recently you've read about my friend Alison and about my friend Noel. Alison and I are lucky enough to live close by but Noel, who I met through blogging, lives in Texas. Through her, I met Candice (she also lives in Texas), who is a KEEP Collective Designer. When I was first met Candice, via facebook, I was not yet a Stella and Dot Stylist. In case you didn't know, KEEP Collective is a sister company to Stella and Dot. When I became a Stylist, Candice and I decided it would be fun to work together. She was kind enough to send me some KEEP Collective goodies and I sent her some Stella & Dot goodies.

Telling My Story - KEEP Collective

Candice chose the Grace Chandelier earrings, which look stunning on her and the Gilded Arrow Bangle.  She looks beautiful wearing her earrings (top photo). We both styled our Gilded Arrow Bangle with our KEEP Collective bracelets. Candice is wearing the mesh bracelets and the Time Key. I'm wearing the Double leather bracelet in rose gold (and saddle, on the reverse) and the accent keys that tell my story.  If you follow me on facebook or Instagram, you've seen my love of personalized jewelry. It's special to have a piece of jewelry that is your own. KEEP Collective makes that possible.
Telling My Story - KEEP Collective
I love KEEP Collective because it's so personal.  Each person can wear the same accent key and it means something different to each person.
 Telling My Story - KEEP Collective
So why did I choose these accent keys?
  • Crescent Moon - for {msL}. Since early on in our relationship, we've always shared a love of the moon. Even today (9 years in), if one of us sees a great moon, we will show it to the other. I woke her up one night recently and got her to come out on the deck to see how bright and beautiful the moon was.
  • Knot - for my Dad (and {msL}). My Dad loved all things nautical and his hobby was knot tying. Knots always remind me of him because he was such a strong bond for our family. During our wedding ceremony, {msL} and I tied a sailors knot in honor of our Dad's (her Dad was a sailor). When you pull on a sailor's knot it just gets tighter. The rope will break before the knot unties.
  • Eiffel Tower - represents my love of travel and fashion. I was lucky enough to visit Paris several years ago and I can't wait to go back.
  • Champagne Glass - I believe that life should be a celebration. We should never take our days for granted. Life is short and we should approach it with joy and gusto.
Telling My Story - KEEP Collective
KEEP Collective has so many options for you to tell your own story, including letters, numbers, gem stones, sayings and many more accent keys. They have bracelets in leather and metal as well as necklaces. All of the leather bracelets are two colors (double sided). You can change your accent keys and your story at any time. The keys slide on and off of the bracelets and necklaces. Candice can help you to design something that is personal and uniquely your own.  I love my bracelet and I already have a growing wish list, including a time key and more accent keys.

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