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Tech Devices: The New Bathroom Fixtures

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

Tech Devices: The New Bathroom Fixtures

“With the market flush with hot-selling tablet computers, it shouldn’t bowl anyone over to learn that many users are taking the plunge and bringing their devices to the bathroom.

According to a new survey published by Staples Advantage, the business-to-business division of Staples Inc., 35% of tablet users copped to using their iPad or other tablets while in the bathroom…”

Even Gizmodo attempted to out geeks on this nasty habit a while back:

“Besides using the iPad in bed and on the couch, you know the reason you bought this thing was for toilet entertainment.”

Seriously, folks…now people admit to surfing on their iPads while…well, you know.  When is our fascination with wireless portability (er, Port-a-potability) of technology going to stop and allow us our once-upon-a-time freedom for a restroom break?  Maybe it’s the same argument as, “People should never pee in the shower!”  Some just don’t see the problem.  I’m betting a few fervent users lied in the poll, and so the number is probably much larger for those using wireless devices — cell phones and smartphones (yeah, texting!), iPods, laptops — on the toilet.

Hey, the etiquette doesn’t also apply to Kindle readers, does it?  Because, I mean, that’s like saying you can’t take reading material to the bathroom, which is crazy.  Now THAT would be stepping on some toes.. Still, we’ve got to draw the line somewhere… or do we?

That 35% (and those are just the ones who didn’t deny it) sure makes you think twice about asking to try out someone’s iPad, now, doesn’t it?  Or maybe you don’t need to check out your friend’s cell phone, either.  Maybe someone’s personal devices need to stay just that — personal…and as hands-free as possible.

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