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America’s Fat Future Graphic (courtesy of Tony Shin,

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

Whole Foods and good nutrition are not just for the elite and health nuts; they’re for all of us.  And we better educate ourselves for when we shop our regular grocery stores (i.e. stick with only the outside aisles, and avoid the middle aisles that are filled with carbs, sugars, and mostly junk).  We don’t have to go to special organic stores and have fistfuls of money to shop wisely…but we’ve got to actually get to the store, not just mindlessly head to the drive-thrus after work and school.

Realistically, though, it took us a whole generation to get here, so it will probably take us a whole generation to escape our bad habits.

These are some sobering statistics indeed.   Too much sugar, too much fast food, too little exercise = diabetes, obesity, lessened quality of life, and premature deaths for future generations as well as our own.  We must be the generation that calls out and breaks this dangerous and deadly cycle.  

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Medical Coding Career Guide

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Note from LegosnEggos —  As far as fast food is concerned, it doesn’t look so great now, does it?  See for yourself –   JUST FIGHT THE CRAVINGS!  After all, fast food cravings are all about addiction to convenience and chemicals.  Is fast food really worth our lives?

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