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Teaching Children to Think Again

By Maliasa
Teaching Children to Think Again
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No one knows what thinking really is. There are lots of different ideas and suggestions. But certain things are clear, thinking involves several skills that can be learned and developed. Often these skills are taken for granted that there is no intent to support children to have fun while exploring thinking. Yet teaching children to think for themselves starts from infancy.

Exposing your child to new experiences, will help to trigger questions like,” Why do sunflowers turn their heads towards the sun?” “Why does a bird do that?”  Telling you child to think dive to search for ideas and look for possible answers, is a way to develop their thinking skills.Playing “What If. . .” is a great way to explore different ideas. Involving different senses makes the think diving more exciting.“What if everything you touched turned to ice cream?” “Yum!”Then you ask, “What if you accidentally touched your best bed?” What does it feel like to sleep in a giant ice cream? What does it smell like? What if the ice cream bed melts?”

Diving in, exploring a questions or idea from different angles and using different senses not only makes thinking more engaging, the result of the think diving is richer. Telling a child to dive in again at a new place and search for ideas is an explicit instruction to look for new ideas. The phrase to “Think Again” does not provide a child with any ideas about what to do. Rather the instruction to “Think Again” gives the impressions that you should do the same thing again. Think the same thought – but we want a child to think something new.
So the idea is to get children to explore something new. Think Dive into different coloured waters, a sea of calm emerald water, or a sea with swaying wheat. Explore a sea of ice cream, or a sea with ice cream eating monster.

Exploring different water, smells, and sounds engages a child to explore a subject and the result may be different each time. This is what “Think Again” is all about, exploring new possibilities and looking for new answers. Happy Think Diving!

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