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Teach Me Something

By Sweetapple19 @sweetappleyard

Teach Me Something

Sometimes a girl just needs to sit on the couch with crap TV and big bowl of popcorn.

Inspire Me: I would love to be a highly productive person. I can be a bit of a drifter and a dreamer sometimes. It would be nice to get to the end of the day and know that I used my hours wisely. So this article 12 things highly productive people do differently was an interesting read for me. As was this article 27 great tips to keep your life organised.
Feed Me: How good do these blood orange popsicles look! Especially now that we are coming into summer. And this fried chicken burger with slaw and spicy mayo looks ridiculously good. Why would I ever buy fast food again!! I get so dehydrated throughout the day. I especially notice this when I have been busy and I am eating too much processed food. This article explaining how to eat your water lists the foods that contain large quantities of water to help keep you hydrated.
Teach Me Something

Show me: Love this apartment, it optimises shabby chic. And the photos in jars are such a cool idea!
WTF: Check out these bizarre beauty treatments. I think I'll pass...
Enjoy your day lovelies XOX

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