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Teach Me by R. A. Nelson

By Tsbishop23 @TristanSimone

Summary: Teach Me invites readers inside an experience that fascinates everyone an affair between a teacher and student and gives an Teach Me by R. A. Nelsonup-close-and-personal answer to the question: How does this happen?”

Teach Me is a book about a girl named Carolina who gets wrapped up in a forbidden relationship. Why forbidden? He’s her teacher, Mr. Mann. When I first picked this book up and read the description I assumed it would be similar to the book Boy Toy by Barry Lyga. I loved Boy Toy even though it was extremely disturbing, and disappointingly, this book didn’t compare :/ Maybe it was because it was nothing like I expected? I’m not sure. But I had a really hard time getting through it and an easy time putting it down. There’s a pretty big part of this that happens in the middle of the story that you may be able to guess, but I don’t want to give it away! The book mainly focuses on that part of the book.

An interesting part of this book, is that it made sense. It wasn’t weird and disturbing that they were together (If you read it, you’ll get it). They’re so much closer in age than the characters in Boy Toy so you’re not focusing on WHY the whole time. It kind of felt like the author was holding back a little bit. A lot of things were implied but it was kind of like okay this happened, don’t really want to get into that, so now let’s move on! And I can’t stand that! Certain things were detailed but a lot was just like yep, this and this and then this happened, and that’s all you get out of it. I think another reason I had a hard time reading it was because there were a lot of complicated words used and I felt like every other sentence was a simile or metaphor and I had to keep rereading it to catch it.

What I did like about this book was Carolina, because she is so real and you understand why she is feeling the things she is. Sometimes she does get on the dramatic side and you wonder, ‘What is she thinking?!’. But in the second half of the book she doesn’t know what to feel, and when she is feeling something she doesn’t know how to control it. She is pretty much going mad and it affects her life in so many negative ways. I also really liked her friend Schuyler, because no matter what he was ALWAYS there for her. Even when she was wrong, even when she screwed up big time, he still loved and accepted her. And friends like that are hard to find.

Overall, this book was okay. I’ll admit that the very ending was exciting and it was nice to finally figure out what was going on with Mr. Mann, but I wasn’t all that interesting in finding out, because it didn’t seem like that big of a deal.

Teach Me by R. A. Nelson
 2.5 stars

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