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Tasty Kulo Fries, You Want?

By Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor
Tasty Kulo Fries, You Want? Wonder what "kulo" is? "Kulo," known as "breadfruit" in English (scientific name Artocarpus altilis), is a fruit bearing trees native in the Philippines. When I was in grade school, I used to come home and eat "kulo candy," a sweetened breadfruit prepared by my mom. From that "kulo candy" that my mother used to prepare for us for snacks, now here is the latest innovation made by my elder sister Anna yesterday.

Yesterday, I noticed my sister's husband Ricky brought home a big breadfruit "kulo"  from their little garden. As it was just being placed on the table, everyone noticed it. It's been almost fifteen long years that I didn't see such fruit. Thought that my sister would just cooked it and wouldn't  know anything special about it, I just ignore its presence on the table.  Look! My sister has a little surprise for everyone, that amazed me. 

Tasty Kulo Fries, You Want? A few  minutes passed and I noticed my sister cuts the breadfruit into two pieces. Then, started peeling its skin and Then, she carefully slice those big cuts of the fruit into small pieces and sizes that looks like she is preparing a fries out of it.

To make a kulo fries is so easy. All you need are the following ingredients: 1. Kulo or breadfruit 2. Oil 3. Salt 4. Cooking Oil

I am surprised with how does it taste. After sprinkling it with little salts and dip it with a simple banana catsup---I enjoyed it a lot! Below is an image of kulo fries, which my sister prepared for snacks yesterday.

Tasty Kulo Fries, You Want?

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