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Target: Ava & Viv Fall Collection 2015

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Target: Ava & Viv Fall Collection 2015

I went to Target this past weekend to get toothpaste, laundry detergent, and trash bags. I had one of those life events where you go to the store for a few specific items and end up coming out with whole new wardrobe. As I was passing the women’s clothing, I couldn’t help but notice Ava & Viv’s fall collection.
In August, I took a look at the fall sneak peek that featured popular plus size bloggers that most of us recognize. Before Ava & Viv, Target was not my desired destination for clothing. In my opinion, it was something weird with the sizing.  Either the clothing fit me too tight, or I looked like a float in any popular parade. When their collection hit stores earlier this year, I decided to try the brand out and was happy with the overall fit of the clothing.
Last Saturday, when I found myself in Target, I couldn’t help but snatch up a few pieces that I thought was cute. Something about the brisk air of pending fall made me shop. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I got to the cash register, and that little voice in my head told me to check Target’s website. That’s when I discovered that the clothing was BOGO 50% off. Of course, I put the clothing back and instead bought a Target gift card with a set amount that I wanted to spend.
I love the fit of the items I purchased! Like I stated, I got a mini wardrobe:

Ava & Viv Fall Haul 2015 Ava & Viv Fall Haul 2015 by shawana-battie featuring plus size palazzo pants

A Few Shopping Tips:

If you don’t mind waiting a few days, log onto the store website and see if the items are cheaper and available in your size before you buy.

If you’re worried about going over budget, buy yourself a store or visa gift card to make purchases. Leave your credit/debit cards at home. Having this set amount will allow you to make better decisions about what you purchase.

What’s on your list for Fall and do you shop Target for clothing?

Clothing at Target is still BOGO 50% off. You can shop Ava & Viv here.

Please note this is not an affiliate post. Cover Photo Credit: Target

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