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Taransay – Island for Sale

By Ros @scotlandphohos

Taransay – island for sale

The news has been released today that Taransay is on the market. It’s hard to magine anyone would want to sell this special place, but if you have £2,000,000 to spare at the moment, it could be yours.

Looking across Taransay towards St Kilda

Photo - view from Harris to Taransay ad St Kilda


The shoreline near Paible on Taransay

Photo - beaches on the island of Taransay, Outer Hebrides


Looking from Taransay to the hills on harris

Photo - Haris hills, seen fro the uninhabited island of Taransay


Seals on the rocks

Photo - seals on the island of Taransay, Scotland


Ruined houses of Paible, Taransay

Photo - ruined houses of Paible, Taransay, Outer Hebrides


Corran Raa, the sandspit on the West of of the island

Image - Corran Raa, Taransay's sand spit, overlooking the island of Harris


One of Taransay’s many unspoilt beaches

Image- one of many unspoilt beaches on Taransay, Scotland


The uninhabited island lies off the West coast of Harris in the Outer Hebrides. Over the last 9 years it has been the home of the annual Taransay Fiddle Camp.

Tents on the island for the annual fiddle camp

Photo - tents on Taransay for the annual Taransay fiddle camp

These are just a few of my photos taken on the island over those 9 years. I hope the island’s new owners, whoever they may be, will have us back!

Sunset on Taransay

Photo - sunset on Taransay, Scotland

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