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Taransay Fiddle Camp – the 10th Year

By Ros @scotlandphohos

This year was the 10th Taransay Fiddle Camp. It’s been 10 years of great fun, food, frolics, friends and fiddling.

I seemed to spend most of the week fiddling with my camera

It was a bit of a gray week this year, but the island is so beautiful, there’s always scope for finding something to photograph.

Photo - muted colours on a gray day at Corran Raa sand spit on Taransay, Outer Hebrides

I love being able to potter around taking photos by the sea while fiddle tunes drift across the dunes.

Photo - the schoolhouse on Taransay, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


Photo - reflections on the shore at dusk, Taransay, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


One of the main hubs of the camp is the marquee. In it’s time, it’s been a space for classes, sessions, dinners, ceilidhs, concerts, tune writing competitions, gaelic choir rehearsals, singing premieres, cabarets, young camper’s tents, the Taransay Inn….and even an impromptu venue for hanging up a bike.

Photo - the Taransay fiddle camp marquee

And of course the sun didn’t stay hidden all week – as the camp was drawing to a close, the clouds started to recede.

Photo - the beach a Paible on Taransay, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


It seems impossible to find an adequate way to thank the many people who have put so much energy into not just making the camp happen, but also giving it such a special atmosphere  - It’s been an amazing experience, and something I know I will never forget.


…and I was lucky enough this year to be able to stay on Taransay for a second week with a few friends. That turned into a photographic feast for me. More pictures coming soon!

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