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By Yongwei318

Finally received my Taobao loots that I bought on 8 Mar! Let the unboxing begin!终于收到了3.8买的淘宝包裹了。开箱咯~
Filmed many Taobao haul unboxing videos previously but never published any.拍了好多次的淘宝开箱视频,但从来没发过。
Below are the links to the items that I got. 以下是这次购买产品的链接。
1) Cake turntable 蛋糕转盘
2) Toddler educational chart with audio 中英文的挂本
3) Croissant dome hoop earrings 粗麻花圈耳环 
4) Heart-shaped hoop earrings 爱心耳环 
5) Soya bean maker cleaning brushes 豆浆机刷子 
6) Sunglasses 墨镜 
7) Voolga White Face mask 敷尔佳白膜 
8) Curved baby/toddler feeding spoons 宝宝湾头勺 
9) Hot dish clip and grabber 防烫架 
10) Shellie May bedroom slippers 家居拖鞋 
11) Amino Acid Foam Cleanser 谷雨氨基酸洁面原液 
12) Foldable buckets 可折叠泡脚桶 
13) Book about families 一家人绘本 
14) I’m a boy book 我是男孩绘本 
15) Checkered top and denim dungarees for toddler 宝宝格子衬衫牛仔背带短裤套装
16) Pink glue gun 粉红热熔胶枪
17) Measuring spoon with digital scale for baking 电子量勺  18) Manual food chopper 绞碎器  
19) Doodle board for toddler 宝宝磁性涂鸦板
20) Scar remover 布兰朵痘印修护凝露 
21) Vegetable cutter  印花模具 
22) Magnetic eyelashes 磁铁假睫毛
23) Dry brush 猪鬃干刷
24) Blood orange face masks 血橙面膜 
25) Toy dog 玩具狗走路会叫
26) Bomb-shaped box 惊喜玩具盒子
What are your must-buy(s) from Taobao? Do share with me via DM Instagram @yongwei318!-------------------- CONNECT WITH --------------------SWEETESTSINS
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