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Talking to ‘FlyLeaf’

Posted on the 13 April 2015 by Orlandobands @Obands


With EarthDay Birthday 22 fast approaching I spoke with first time event performers ‘FlyLeaf’. This texas based platinum alternative rock band has made a memorable name for themselves in the face of the rock world.  Coming together in 2000 originally including lead vocalist Lacey Sturm, guitarists Jared Hartmann, Sameer Bhattacharya, drummer James Culpepper and bassist Pat Seals. With the latest modificaion to the band being the transition of lead Vocalist Lacey who stepped down as

lead vocalist from the band in 2012 leading to Kristen May taking a new position in Flyleaf as the current lead vocalist, who is making the FlyLeaf name proud by being part of the Revolver Hottest Chicks Tour Headliners!

What Can fans expect on the Revolver Tour? “A really fun night, great music and 

we have some really awesome bands with us. So Yeah, a really high-energy night!”

This is some something I was very interested to know about, you used Pledgemusic, How did that change the Overall experience with this recent album? ” Getting the Fans involved, which was really a great experience, and something brand new, from the studio to the record it was different because if you pledgd this you may get Kristen performing a track, if you Pledge this you could get a studio Q&A, so it made it very exciting!”

How has the dynamic changed with the transition of a lead vocalist? “Re-energized!, Re-Vitalized!”

How do you write Lrics is it more of a solo effort or a collaboration?
“It is definitly more of a Collaboration, I mean if one of us is working on a song we can all chime in and we’re all really
a part of everything. There is a lot of spontaneity, So we are a part of all are music.”

Do you have a favorite song to perform live? “Oh yeah, Head Underwater, is probably the most fun to perform live. it’s actually written about my experience, I had alot of encounteres with bullying growing up being a small kid so this song is really about rising above it.!”

How do you feel about being part of EarthDay Birthday 22? “Awesome! yeah, I think this is our first time performing and we’re really excited. Its sound’s fun! It’s a really good day to Celebrate!”

Is there anything you would like to tell our Central Fl Reader’s? “Yeah, check out our new album ‘ Between the Stars’. And our fans were such a huge part of this album and we really have them to thank so much and are so greatful to all of our Fans, we would not be doing what we are without them.”


Can’t wait to see all of you Performing at Earthday Birthday 22!

Catch up on the band at:http://flyleafonline.com

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