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Talking Francly About Trading

Posted on the 21 March 2012 by Thecentralfranc @TheCentralFranc
Hello everyone,
My last post felt rather naked without an explanation of my trading background. This post will look to expose TheCentralFranc, and shed some light on his trading theology.
 I see my approach to trading as bright, bold and beautiful - very avant-garde. For me, a chart is a blank canvas. It's up to me to paint the picture.
I encourage a holistic strategy - one that incorporates mind, body and soul. Forex trading is not about technical analysis and pernickety refinement - it's about passion, feeling, gut instinct and lust. It's about emotion and introspection.
I find that my philosophical approach to trading is encapsulated in this Renault advertisement video, which features the charismatic French footballer Thierry Henry. Henry follows in the footsteps of other French philosophes such as Voltaire and Rousseau in offering profound words of wisdom. Please watch:
To the ordinary Joe, this seems like a quirky car ad, assimilating Henry's style and sophistication with a Renault automobile. 
But for an expert trader, this video is a powerful metaphor for Forex trading. Henry wastes no time in confronting the principle of supply and demand; "This chilli...has more than this one." Referring to greyhound racing at 0.27, Thierry poses the question, "Which one has the Va Va Voom?" Intriguingly, he replies, "The rabbit, of course". This response is a perfect analogy for what constitutes a successful trader.
If you want to be a successful trader like myself, aspire to be the rabbit. The rabbit is omnipotent, as it dictates the speed and direction of the dogs (which are a symbol for all the traders in the market). If you control the direction of the market, you can predict the price with unerring accuracy.
All you need, is Va Va Voom. In my next series of posts, I will try to qualify what I mean by Va Va Voom with a series of practical trading examples.

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