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Posted on the 11 April 2012 by Thecentralfranc @TheCentralFranc

Welcome to TheCentralFranc’s Investor of the Week series.
For any budding trader, it's important to have a set of role models in the financial realm.
Every week, I’ll be paying homage to a different trader,investor or business magnate.
Here’s this week's pick:
The Eye of Sauron
The impregnable Eye of Sauron has such outstanding visionaryqualities that it has been dubbed the “Oracle of Mordor.”
It pioneered the philosophy of value investment, which sawthe backing of over 1.2 million orcs to conquer Gondor and re-claim MiddleEarth markets.
Despite its immense wealth, it is known for its personalfrugality, opting for a solitary gold ring as its luxury possession of choice.
After many years topping the Forbes rich list, the Eye ofSauron suffered a blip last year when a rogue hobbit decimated one of its majorhedge funds by embezzling client money inside Mt. Doom.

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