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Taking Back What’s Mine…..

By Mspositivity @Ms__Positivity

Taking back what’s mine…..Me, My Mind, My Positivity!!
Taking back what’s mine…..I am under arrest but I will not go quietly because I am on a mission to take back what is mine.  
I decided to create this piece because I am sure that many of us have gone through this once or twice or hey many more than that! What am I talking about? the Negativity with a break up, or a person who has nothing but negativity to spread!  Mainly that bitter break up that drains you every moment it gets.  I have had the pleasure of having many conversations and to be honest I have gone through this myself many times of that bad breakup that drains you.  Well guess what-We have been robbed and I’m taking back what is mine and you should too.  The daily mental struggle of even thinking about this person just makes you sick or breaks your positive mood welp enough is enougggggggggh! Now we know it is bad when all you have to do is hear their name or see them on the street and you feel like “Ughhhh there goes (enter their name here)” Why do we give them so much power? I will tell you why, because these persons have done us wrong, have practiced some shady acts that hurt us or the major kicker that has happened time and time again….the LIES!!! It never goes away because we have not gotten full closure and even a bit of bitterness has surfaced. Well Shiners I am taking a stand, going in there, and taking back what is rightfully mine.  Here is how WE are going to do it!!!  First, we are going to say if we are not together, then something better is surely on its way.  (Many times, we want to hold on to something that was never meant for us anyway)  Now Shiners, I am not saying get ready to go out on the man/lady hunt I am clearly stating that it is time to let them GO!  It is time to shake the negative mental hold they have on our minds.  So let us snatch it back. Taking back what’s mine…..
Next is to focus on US! This means to get you right, many times, we change many things to appease another during our so-called dreadful time together. Well its time to do us, hang out, do positive things, you know-the things we would not usually do because of them.  Snatch that side of you back as well.  We seldom forget who we are while in a relationship but we should NEVER do that act of desperateness.  We were a person/ human being before we hooked up with him/her, just because we may have felt that we were less than nothing does not mean that it was actually so.  (It was the mind game and I know we were tired of playing)
In addition, I know many are not religious but I do find that a quick prayer asking for mental calmness helps.  I find that when we ask for help from a higher power (not saying that you have to do this it is just a suggestion) it gives us the strength to cope with the feeling of being robbed.  Taking back what’s mine…..Lastly, forget about it.  We are not going back, we know what they stand for, they are not going in the same direction as we are, they lied, hurt, and had no care in the world for how we would feel so why give them a single ounce of our positivity,-and they are not worthy.  So Shiners take back what is yours You, Your Mind, Your Positivity!  It belongs to you anyway!
So Here is to taking back what is ours WE will no longer play victim but change the game of thievery! 
Taking back what’s mine…..

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