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Taking And Ringing In The Order

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

Taking And Ringing In The Order

When taking order, try to take the entire dinner order (exept for dessert) to maximize the control that you have over the peace of the dining experience.

Write neatly and utilize table and position numbers,so there will be no questions when you ring the order in.

Waitress or Waiter should make sure that you have addressed all guest questions before leaving the guest.

Confirm that you r guest will like a certain preparation when they order a dish that is spicy,exotic, or done in a rare-medium rare preparation.

Repeat the dinner order back to guests in a clear and confident manner to confirm that everything is correct.

Immediately ring in the first course.

Waitress or waiter should be accurate.The computer will require you to ring in position numbers and will prompt for preparation modifiers.

It is important to take your time when ringing in orders to avoid mistakes.Computer mistakes affect the kitchen,bar,other servers and your guests.

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