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Taking a Bite out of Blogging

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs

Welcome! Well welcome to me anyway. My name is Alex Willis and I will be hijacking…I mean…guest blogging for Family Cakes over the next few weeks. I am the new bright eyed and willing intern (who is so handsomely featured below). I don’t know much about blogging, but I do love cake, so that is definitely a good start.

First a little about me, I am originally from the states. I grew up in Indiana, where corn and not cakes, is usually what’s on the menu. I’m studying economics and international relations, at The American University, I think that this is a truly unique opportunity to be abroad and work in a great place like Family Cakes (Granted it’s only my first day so “great” is yet to be determined).
That’s really about it I’m afraid, not too interesting of a post this time around I know. But in the weeks to come I look forward to bringing you constant updates, maybe a behind the scenes look or two. Will it be scandalous? Probably not. Raunchy? Chocolate and cream will be involved. Delicious? Always.
So until next time make sure to find Family Cakes on Facebook and Twitter as well, I hear some really awesome intern is in charge of those too…

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