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Guess What Yesterday Was..

By Bakerquigs @bakerquigs
You probably thought I, the American intern, was going to make another post about Thanksgiving. Well yes, you would have been correct because that was my initial intention. However, while I was searching for inspiration and interesting things to put in this post (like fun facts about cakes) I stumbled upon something that here at Family Cakes is more important that silly Thanksgiving. 

Yesterday, November 26, was NationalCake Day!!!!! 

Your day should have been full of cake filled festivities, and since you probably wasn't, I made it my responsibility to provide you with as many cake activities, quizzes, and other fun stuff to help you get into the holiday spirit because lets be real, every day should be National Cake Day.

First, lets test your knowledge of cakes with this quiz - How Much Do You REALLY Know About Cake?

  • I only got 3 out of the 13 questions correct.. I still have a lot to learn, but rest assured, I do not do any of the baking of cakes here. I only eat them and we definitely have some expert bakers at Family Cake Company. 
Now to answer the more important life questions - What Cupcake Flavor Are You? & What Cake Matches Your Personality?
  • My results said I am a strawberry cupcake and have a carrot cake personality. So that's cool. 
Here are some fun facts about cake to impress all your friends with! 
(I did not fact check these. They could be false, but if they either way they are pretty fun)
  • Although in existence long before, Victorian England popularized the Fruitcake between 1837 and 1901. It was a custom at the time for unwed women to sleep with a piece of fruit cake under their pillow so they could have sweet dreams about the man they would someday marry.
  • The world’s largest Sponge Cake weighed in at 2.5 tons and measured 26 x 16 feet – the size of a small New York City apartment! It took 3 days to bake and more than 3,000 eggs and 1,102 pounds of blackberries, pineapple, and strawberry were used. The dessert was then cut into 10,000 pieces and shared with the town of Seiersberg, Austria where it was baked.
  • 29 cupcakes in 30 seconds is the record for eating cupcakes.
  • The most expensive wedding cake ever commissioned cost $30 million.
  • Queen Victoria was one of the first to have pure white icing on her wedding cake.
I will not leave you with a website where you will find a bunch of computer games about cakes. Enjoy yourself! Click the link to enter a world of fun --> Cake Games If this post left you wanting cake, check out our website - Family Cake Company

We can make your cake dreams come true. Check out some of the cakes we have done these last few weeks!

Guess What Yesterday Was..

Guess What Yesterday Was..

Guess What Yesterday Was..

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