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Take the Long Way Home by Supertramp.

Posted on the 03 May 2013 by Melodicwisdom

I never realized how many songs I knew by Supertramp. No association was ever made…maybe they didn’t get my attention growing up. However, I will say that I like the piano in tonight’s track. I know absolutely nothing about this band so I had to do some research…

Supertramp is a British rock band that formed in 1969. Ten years later they’d release their sixth album, Breakfast in America, which included Take the Long Way Home. It was the fourth single from the album, reaching #10 on Billboard’s Hot 100. It also went to #1 on the UK Single chart as well as #4 on Canada’s RPM Top Singles.

According to songfacts, Frontman Roger Hodson called this track “a last-minute surprise” because it was written as the album was wrapping up. The lyrics have many different interpretations. It seems to describe a man who feels good about himself at one moment but then reality kicks in, and he’s questioning where he is in life. He takes the long way home to live in his illusion of a perfect life a little longer…

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