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Take Care : Curly Hair

By Verahues
Hey guys!

I have come up with a new 'Take Care' series for my blog. It's quite simple really! In each post I will be talking about 1 thing to take care of and how.

For this post I have chosen Curly hair!

Take Care : Curly Hair

I have naturally curly and thick hair and not like the ones in the picture above! They are a handful when it comes to styling them or trying to make them to look good. Believe me it's no easy task. Everyday when I wake up, my hair looks different! And after I wash them I have no way of knowing how they will set..Blah! If you can relate to my feelings then read on..

I have gotten my hair straightened twice and now I have succumbed to my natural hair and dedicated my life to trying to make them work! So I have come up with a regime that I do every time I wash my hair and it seems to be working well. Today, I will share that with you all. Let's begin!

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