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Take Advantage of Life’s Little Moments.

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Take advantage of life’s little moments.
My husband and I recently took our toes out of the testing waters and dove right into yet another family venture.  This one is a brick and mortar resale shop.  We’ve been open just about 2 weeks and of course it’s a bit slow.  At first I thought I would surely die of bordom sitting there all day with no computer to stay in touch with the outside world – one night after closing someone would find me sitting on my stool covered in dust and cobwebs, “aw, what a shame, look, she’s died of boredom”.
Take advantage of life’s little moments.
Being unplugged isn’t all that bad though.  My kids have come, one at a time, to work the store with me and the whole thing has turned into a bonding experience of sorts.  In the course of a normal day at home, there’s not usually a 4-5 hour window of bonding opportunity… unless someone is grounded… but even then, the last thing a grounded teen wants to do is to bond.  I have to say though, it’s been nice to get to know my kids again, to have some time to chat, discuss dreams, goals, life, future plans, and to just sit and laugh with them – with not one distraction of television or internet.  Sorta like Little House on the Praire but with air conditioning and indoor plumbing.

When was the last time you went unplugged?  How was that experience?

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