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Take a Leaf out of Twiggy's Book

By Cgajid @cgajid
At Vinchi HQ, we are inspired by the 1960s first ever young, high fashion super model, Twiggy.  She was known for her striking looks, large eyes, long eyelashes, thin build, and short hair. In 1966, she was named “The Face of 1966” by the Daily Express and voted British Woman of the Year.
Take a Leaf out of Twiggy's Book
This photo highlights one of Twiggy's famous trends. She was known for using mascara to draw on bottom lashes and these where actually known as 'Twiggies'.  Who can of think of a better title? ;)
Just by looking at this photo we can confirm that she is the original vintage fashion icon. This is shown through her clothes, she is usually spotted wearing the grandad-style jumper (similar to one of jumper in my wardrobe)  which has become a wide spread outfit among young fashionista. I would have suggested they call it Grandma jumpers just to sound a bit more feminine. :)  she is also known for her classic 'English Rose' look.
Now, in the fashion world today Twiggy's haircut has wormed it's way right up the hair charts over the past few months...
Emma Watson is looking very Twiggy-esque
Take a Leaf out of Twiggy's Book
Even Kiera's put a contemporary edge to the Twiggy style
Take a Leaf out of Twiggy's Book
This hair cut is a big fashion statement because it brings out the features of the face making you look fabulous  beautiful, which is something everything celebrity must exhibit because of the Paparazzi.
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Vinchi x

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