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Symmetrical Jewels

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Symmetrical JewelsThis project offers students a chance to drw and color in a symmetrical fashion.1. Students make a center dot all four sides of their paper. They are to connect all four lines, which should make a pretty balanced diamond. Lastly, they connect the top and bottom dots, and the left and right (this makes a horizontal and vertical split to the image).
2. They are to use only straight lines to divide the right and left side into smaller sections. Remind them that the lines on the left and the right are to mirror each other. Whatever they draw on one side should be drawn symmetrically on the other right afterwards. Young students should only be asked to make the left symmetrical with the right side. Older students could be challenged to make the top and bottom symmetrical as well.
3. Once the pencil lines are complete, give the students a thick black marker to trace all of them.
4. Oil pastels in limited colors are distributed. I gave my students about 5 pastels so that colors would need to be repeated.
CA Visual Art Standard: Creative Expression, Grade Two
2.5 Use bilateral or radial symmetry to create visual balance.

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