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Sweet as Candy Wedding Inspiration Board

By Claire

Get your pink-sunglasses out, quick! Because we’re still in the land of marsh­mal­lowy, fluffy, girly, princessy won­der­ful pink. Today’s wed­ding blog is an inspi­ra­tion board — I saved some of my favorite bits from yesterday’s pink wed­ding inspi­ra­tion shoot for you and made a wed­ding inspi­ra­tion board for all the girly girls out there. And just for today, I’m one of ‘em. Join me?

Sweet candy pink wedding inspiration board

Sweet as Candy — pink wed­ding inspi­ra­tion board. Photo credit: Cristina Rossi

Click on the image to see it a lit­tle big­ger and read all the sup­plier details with­out squinting!

Sweet as candy — wed­ding inspi­ra­tion & ideas

  • Fea­ture pieces like pink chan­de­liers or can­de­labras draped in pink beads make all the dif­fer­ence — either go for sophis­ti­cated pink, or splash out and play with it to great effect! You don’t need to go to town, just pick out key touches and go for qual­ity over and above quantity
  • Ask the lit­tle girl inside you what goes with pink and she’ll tell you: sparkle, dia­monds, crys­tals and glit­ter. So add a lit­tle twin­kle here and there with clear beads, sil­ver and shine
  • Paper wind­mills are a cheap and cheer­ful acces­sory you can add to your table dec­o­ra­tions — pink scrap­book papers are read­ily avail­able (try Hob­by­craft) and all you need is a straw and one of those funny pins to stick in the mid­dle — hours of fun for you and your guests!
  • (Why not put bub­bles out to go with the wind­mills? Bub­bles float­ing around would go so well with pink, girly, candy sweet styling!)
  • If you can bake cup­cakes, then make them play­ful: add eclec­tic pink dec­o­ra­tions with mod­el­ling sugar and use white, pink polka dot or fancy fil­i­gree cup­cake cases — dis­play them on pink, sil­ver or glass plates and tiered cup­cake hold­ers for effect
  • Pink wed­ding invi­ta­tions are easy to find online — every designer will have a pink num­ber in their pocket just wait­ing for the princess bride in you to discover!
  • The pink piped meringues look too good to eat don’t they! Even I can make meringues, and these look like great fun to make and display
  • Brighten up your bunting with a few extra colours, or find fab­ric with a vin­tage inspired pink print — it all fits so well with the sweet as candy party vibe!

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